Western Reserve Yacht Club

The Club that shakes the lake.

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Known as "the club that shakes the lake", W.R.Y.C. has been in existence since 1969. Whether you're new to boating or a seasoned "salty", WRYC has something to offer everyone. Located on the Grand River, safe from any foul weather, we are just minutes away from dockside restaurants and the enclosed harbor which features a "boaters beach" and the beautiful Fairport Harbor beach.

Docks on the river

Covered patio

Large clubhouse

Private dockside area

From our large clubhouse that can accommodate up to 120 people to our private, personal dockside area that you can arrange to your liking, W.R.Y.C. has something for everyone!

Whether you're a fisherman, a cruiser or a little of both, W.R.Y.C. is the place to be! A covered patio, 2 covered decks even a playground for your little ones - we've got it all!